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How are the pastors trained?

The training of our pastors is overseen by Sending Leader. Typically pastors are trained for a minimum of one year after they have already proven to be capable leaders within an existing church. Surge has a global training process and curriculum that most pastors go through if it's available in their language.

Does the pastor send updates?

We require that each church planter submit a 6-month and 12-month update report to track their progress. Included on the report are the number of people attending regular gatherings and an opportunity for the pastor to share some stories of what God is doing in the area and through their church plant. They can also submit prayer requests. We are not able to send every field report to the corresponding donors of that pastor, but we send general updates on our social media accounts and newsletters. Sign up for the Surge newsletter on

What is a Surge church?

A Surge church is a consistent gathering of 30+ baptized adults that engage in worship, Bible teaching, and discipleship led by a trained pastor with oversight that multiplies.

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