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Tayacaja Province, Peru


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Pastor Abraham was born in a Christian home where his parents were pastors. As a teenager, he began to drift away from God and his family, making bad decisions that affected his family and his parent's church. Despite this, they were always unconditional and prayed fervently for him, believing in God's purpose for his life.
Sometime later, as a result of an illness, Pastor Abraham reflected on his disoriented life, gave his heart to Christ, and was healed.
From that moment on, he began attending church, growing in his relationship with God, and training to serve in different ministries.
Thanks to the training and teachings given by his local church, the Bible institute, and Pastor Saturnino Chucce, he received the necessary tools to train disciples and plant churches in different sectors of the city of Tayacaja.
Currently, they have the project of planting a new church in one of the neediest sectors of this city. Their initial objective to begin this work is that, through the family groups, the people of this community will be impacted by the gospel and that, by doing different social activities, they can positively impact their lives.
Pastor Abraham, along with his wife and children, has the desire to serve God and their neighbor by planting this new church. They believe that God will be faithful and will open the necessary doors for his kingdom to be extended not only in this city but throughout Peru.

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