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Irazusta, Entre Rios, Argentina


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"Pastor Oscar is proof that God heals hearts and transforms lives. After a painful childhood and a troubled adolescence, he heard about the gospel, opened his heart to the truth and made Christ the Savior and Lord of his life.
From that moment on, together with his family, he began to congregate in a church and to deepen his knowledge about God.
After studying and becoming certified as a pastor, he began a training process and now he is determined to start a new work as a pastor in the city of Irazusta in Argentina.

The vision he has for the church he will plant is that it will be a place where anyone can be received, evangelized and discipled; he firmly believes that God's purpose is that no one will be lost and that the whole earth will hear His message of salvation. He also desires that there, the members of the congregation have a space to go beyond the preaching on Sundays and can be trained in a Bible school. His desire as a pastor is to make disciples and baptize them in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Oscar is convinced that God is the one who saves and gives life in abundance and that He is the one who will help them reach all the goals He has put in their hearts.

He and his family are very grateful for the support and backing they receive and will receive from those who invest in the Kingdom of God."

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