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Western Area Rural, Sierra Leone


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Pastor SIDI is a Mandingo - one of the major tribe after the Fullahs that are the coustodiance of Islam in Sierra Leone and most of West Africa. He is a first generation believer of his family. He got saved at a revival meeting at a time he was battling with many difficulties including health.
He soon fell in love with Gospel music which provides him comfort. He became a secret bieliever for some time but later braved it out and was baptized. This action opened a new season of suffering and hell on earth.
In the process he entered University where he meet with seasoned believers who helped to grow him. Before graduation he has planted a church in one of the college communities.
He was blessed with jobs that took him to many parts of the country and in most of them he planted churches or Co- plant . He used to personally support growing churches especially with musical instruments since he is now trained to be an instrumentalist .
But still has a heavy call for full time ministry. He soon reconnect with me for mentoring and coaching. He has benefitted from our trainings and materials too.
He has personally raised many disciples every where he has worked.
Sidi has now scailed down his engagement to just ministry. He puts his resources in to developing the youths of the surrounding communities.
He has raised many cell groups starting during the closed in of COVID .
Three months ago he launched out the church --- SOUL WINNERS FOR JESUS CHRIST and last week he prepared 21candidates for Baptism but only 15 showed up. The 6 are still gripped with fare . Of the fifteen, one is a FULLANI and another a former islamic clerick.
He is married with children and has a disciplined character . He loves people and is very humble. He sees our training as a God sent, making him more effective in ministry. We meet weekly for coaching.

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